Recommended mountain attractions in Thailand

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  1. Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai
    Doi Inthanon is considered the highest mountain in Thailand. Makes the weather cool all year round ever. And here is also an important landmark of Chiang Mai. whether both Thai people or foreign tourists If you have come to Chiang Mai You must not miss to go up Doi Inthanon for good air. and walk through the evergreen forest full of tall and big trees Moss and green ferns once in a while
    including the above Phra Mahathat Naphamethanidon and Phra Mahathat Naphaphonbhumisiri Beautiful in the midst of mountains for us to worship as well.
  2. Khao Kho, Phetchabun
    Khao Kho is located in Phetchabun Province. It is an interesting tourist attraction. Because the weather is cool all year round. even in summer The average temperature throughout the year is only 18-25 degrees Celsius. And there are many attractions to relax. It is also a very beautiful place to view the sea of ​​mist. Especially during the rainy season and winter, there will be a sea of ​​mist almost every day.
  3. Thi Lo Su Waterfall, Tak
    Thi Lo Su Waterfall is located in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Umphang District, Tak Province. It is known as the 6th largest waterfall in Asia. It is located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. There is a strong water flow all year round. besides the waterfall There is also a nature trail for you to go for a walk and chill.
  4. Phahamhot, Chaiyaphum
    We’ll take you to the extreme. Height from sea level to 867 meters, with a view of the sea of ​​clouds that are very beautiful. of the northeastern region in the rainy season at Pha Ham Hod, Sai Thong National Park Chaiyaphum Province. Nature lovers. I want to go out and embrace the sea of ​​clouds This is a place that is highly recommended to visit. Another place ever! If coming in the temperature range And at the right time will be able to see the sea of ​​mist covering the entire area of ​​Chaiyaphum. It’s a very beautiful view.
  5. Phu Soi Dao, Uttaradit
    Having said that, the largest flower field of Thailand is at Phu Soi Dao. Anyone who loves flowers and leaves must visit here in the rainy season. Tourists who like a light adventurous style can go hiking, wading through the rain, sleeping in tents, inhaling the mist and taking in the beautiful views. You must not miss coming to chill here.
  6. Phu Tub Berk, Phetchabun
    Phu Thap Boek is the highest peak in Phetchabun Province. It has an altitude of 1,768 above sea level. This makes it quite cool throughout the year. and the whole mountain will be surrounded by round cabbage In addition to winter, we will be able to fully embrace the sea of ​​mist. The amazingness of Phu Thap Boek is The rainy season will be foggy all day. On some days, there may be surprises to meet the beautiful sea of ​​clouds as well.
  7. Ban Pa Bong Piang, Chiang Mai
    One of the most beautiful rice terraces in Thailand is here. Ban Pa Bong Piang, Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province rainy season which is the farming season is cool and refreshing Especially after the rain, the verdant green rice plants look more juicy. On a high hill, combined with complex mountain views. Who would want to miss this!
  8. Khao Sok, Ratchaprapha Dam
    Surat Thani
    Who wants to wake up in the morning and see the sea of ​​mist in the middle of the limestone mountains? Don’t miss this place. Khao Sok, Ratchaprapha Dam. Surat Thani Province It has been dubbed there. Guilin, Thailand It is located there. Among the green forests of Khao Sok to impress the love of nature Anyone who wants to chill out, stay at a beautiful raft in the Maldives style. I can go to the dam. especially at the end of the rainy season The weather will be very good.
  9. Thong Pha Phum National Park
    fertile forest beautiful scenery No matter how many times I go, I feel happy. This is Thong Pha Phum, Kanchanaburi Province. Most of the terrain is high mountains. causing a view of the sea of ​​mist among the mountains in the morning There are also many places to visit, including Khao Laem Dam (Wachiralongkorn Dam), Khao Chang Phueak, Pilok Mine and others like this, nature travel.
  10. Pai, Mae Hong Son
    More than a thousand curves that are extremely dizzy As we have arrived in Pai, Mae Hong Son Province, we have to say that it is really worth it. With high mountains, good weather, sea of ​​mist that embraces this small town, no matter how far it is, I agree. a small town in the valley like Pai filled with this unique charm And who wouldn’t want to visit here once!