Popular attractions in Phuket at night

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  1. Khao Rang View Point
    Khao Rang viewpoint at night
    Khao Rang View Point It is a view point where everyone can see the atmosphere of Phuket at night in a 180-degree way, with a point for friends to admire the beauty that stretches out on the mountain. If friends go at night, you will see the lights from many houses on the ground, see the sea and see the island in the distance, see the road and the sky, see a place that is worth going to see the view.
    Khao Rang View Point is located in Phuket Town. Easy to travel and the route is not dangerous.
  2. Thalang Road
    Thalang Road Arrived in Phuket You can’t come here with Thalang Road, one of the oldest famous roads in Phuket. Makes us familiar with the name of Phuket Old Town. At night, this Thalang street will be full of lights from old buildings designed in a very classic Sino-Portuguese style, like walking in the European zone. anyway If you come to walk on a Sunday night, you will find the largest and bustling Walking Street. Full of local food to eat to your heart’s content. Ready to shop for souvenirs to take home here Or stop by to sit in a cafe Or watch live music here. Enjoy walking until you forget the time. Don’t forget to prepare your stomach as well. Let me tell you, there are only delicious food here.
  3. Patong Beach
    Who likes to go to the sea and wants to go at night Patong must not miss. Friends can take a walk at Soi Bangla. and stop by to sit and enjoy the sea breeze of Patong Beach You can see the atmosphere at night in a very satisfying way. There is also a point to take photos according to the festival as well. Sunny recommends a sitting spot opposite Soi Bangla. There will be a police box and there will be lights to make you feel safe. You can sit and chill for a long time.
  4. Kalim Beach
    Kalim Beach
    Kalim Beach is close to Patong Beach. It is a small beach where you can sit and enjoy the sea breeze and swim in the sea. where Kalim Beach will be lit up all night Friends can go sit and chill. Or who is falling for ink? If you have a fishing rod, you can go and join the villagers who come to fish during the night as well.
  5. Phuket Fantasea
    Phuket Fantasea
    People who love light and spectacular performances must not miss this place. A spectacular theme park that can come together with the whole family. which is open from the evening onwards Here we will find many spectacular Thai art and cultural performances. The greatest Kamala miracle show full of light and sound Shop for souvenirs from all over Thailand in Fun Village And be full with the great restaurant buffet. Full of eyes, full of stomach.
  6. Thung Ka Coffee
    Thung Ka Coffee
    A cafe with a very good view in Phuket. because the shop is located on top of Rang Hill It has been open for service for more than 40 years, guaranteeing the deliciousness of the food. There are both interesting local dishes and the famous coffee of the shop. At Thung Ka Coffee, there is a view point that can see a wide view of more than 180 degrees. If anyone comes to have dinner at night, it’s even better. Because you will get a view of Phuket city full of lights from the people’s houses and the wide sea. Guaranteed to travel comfortably even at night. This shop will be open until 4 pm.
  7. ATOLL floating bar
    Floating bar ATOLL
    Anyone who wants a romantic night atmosphere I would say that Phuket also has a floating bar in the middle of the lake. We will be able to see the beautiful view of Bang Tao Beach, millions on the wide lake. Come in the evening that it’s beautiful. Coming at night is even more romantic. Whether coming with friends or coming with a girlfriend, it’s just as satisfying. Wait to see the fly board show that will have performers jump out of the water. and a fire show in the air Let me tell you that it’s sure to be amazing. Watching the show and seeing the view and also having a delicious meal at a price of hundreds. It is very suitable for relaxing and watching the night lights at Phuket.
  8. Chillva Market
    Chillva Market
    Speaking of the night market, it’s impossible not to introduce the Chillva Market. A famous big market with a wide variety of delicious food. Lots of cute souvenir shops The spectacular light decoration allows us to walk around, shop and take photos without getting bored. Even the shops are beautifully decorated and very photogenic. There is a container corner for you to sit and chill, enjoy the breeze, and look at the view while eating delicious food. Stop by to enjoy live music. Let me tell you that one night, I will be full and full. If you like bustling atmosphere and food, don’t miss this place.