9 International restaurants in Bangkok

Posted by adm in Bangkok

Are you tired of Thai food yet? If the answer is yes This is a list of international dishes. that have been filtered By my own cute stomach. Let’s see what else we have to try besides Tom Yum Kung, Stir-Fried Basil, Papaya Salad. in this city

  1. Bei Otto
    The first shop comes in a German style. This 30-year-old German restaurant is located on Sukhumvit Road in the heart of the city. Plus, there are so many Germans eating here that they think they’re in Germany. Of course, the food here serves complete German flavors, especially the German Pork Knuckle menu, a huge size. Served with a side dish such as sauerkraut and another great thing is bread that has a variety to taste. But the most recommended would be the Brezel and Brezel Roll, a round loaf of bread. which spread butter into the mouth will experience the ultimate deliciousness
    The shop is at Sukhumvit 20. Anyone who brings a car, they have a car park across the street as well. or by BTS Skytrain
  2. Jang Won BBQ
    The second restaurant is a Korean restaurant. that comes in the grill line But not a typical grill because here they serve toast We can just sit and listen to the sizzling sound of the meat and enjoy it. Free side dishes from this shop. Bringing the whole kitchen like Dae Jang Geum, you still have to be embarrassed even though this restaurant isn’t a buffet grill, but don’t be sad. This side dish You can order unlimitedly, including kimchi, vegetables mixed with sesame, tofu, soup, fresh vegetables, all sorts of things. It can be said that the meat is not heavy and can be full The shop is located in Korea Town, near Terminal 21. Easy to get to by BTS. Very convenient.
    Korea Town, Sukhumvit Plaza Soi 12, a short walk from Terminal 21, or you can come by BTS Skytrain and get off at Asoke, Nana Stations.
  3. Indian Food 17 Charoennakorn Road
    international It’s impossible to miss the food that has complex flavors like India. I’m going to take you to an Indian restaurant that looks like a homely restaurant. But the taste is not ordinary at all. At this restaurant, you can have a full taste of Indian cuisine, from various curries (the most recommended Aloo Gobhi or vegetarian potato curry) served with various naan or chicken tikka and lassi. Yogurt blended with fruit, sweet and fragrant. If you are looking for something new but bold, you must try this restaurant.
    1297 Charoen Nakhon Road Take the BTS to Krung Thon Buri Station and walk towards Sena Fest, then turn around and cross a small canal. It’s not difficult to reach the shop.
  4. Paris Mikki
    I have eaten a lot of fishy food. It’s time for some dessert. French pastry shop It’s a cute little dessert shop that has a lot of exotic desserts to try. A must-see in particular is the Millefeuille, a pastry consisting of a thin crispy pie crust and a fragrant custard. Perfectly sweet and basic desserts like croissants that I have to say The croissants at this shop are the most fragrant I have ever eaten in my life!! I have to secretly tell you that the shop opens at 11 a.m., but on the day that I went, there were people who entered the shop since the desserts had not yet been set up. If you want to eat delicious food.
    There are two branches of this restaurant, one at Sukhumvit 19 near Terminal 21. Those who bring their own cars He’s got a parking spot. The other branch is on Ploenchit Road, a bit down from BTS Ploenchit, located in Central Embassy, ​​6th floor, Open House zone.
  5. Jong Dim Sum
    Moving back to Asian food again with Jong Dim Sum, a Chinese restaurant that serves a variety of Dim Sum such as Har Gao, Siu Mai, Pork Spare Ribs in Soup, Bacon Wrapped with Shrimp, and the signature dish, Dim Sum. Charcoal buns with grilled pork filling that are fragrant, delicious, soft and very satisfying. There are also Betong Noodles, Ba Kut Tae and drinks such as iced tea, iced black tea, cocoa, ovaltine served in a bucket!! Can’t be this heavy.
    524/4 Phaholyothin Road If you come by car, you can park at Big C Saphan Kwai area and walk opposite Saphan Kwai intersection. You will find the shop easily. Public transport, get off at Saphan Khwai BTS station and walk straight to the intersection a bit more. will arrive at the shop
  6. Bar Storia Del Caffe
    Moved from Saphan Kwai Come together at Soi Aree with a chic breakfast restaurant European atmosphere This restaurant serves breakfast such as scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, sausages, and coffee. Sip on hot coffee Mixed with the European style atmosphere, whoever comes late, do not miss it.
    There are many branches in this shop. But the branch that has tried to taste it It is a branch in Soi Phaholyothin 7. Anyone who comes with a private car may need to find a car park on the side of the road. Or the easiest way is to park your car in the parking area near BTS Aree and walk into Soi Phaholyothin 7, then turn straight at Soi Phaholyothin 4 on the north side a little and you will reach the shop.
  7. The Smoking Pug
    If there is an American restaurant a shop to recommend However, it has to be this shop. The restaurant is decorated as if it came out of an American movie. Plus, the food here is absolutely delicious, especially the Half Rack Baby Ribs, which are so delicious that it brings tears to my eyes. Sipping on a pair of beers is perfect. or a glass of cocktail American bar atmosphere and if going into the theme like eating barbecue Follow the slogan posted at the entrance of the shop that says ” You don’t need a silver folk to eat good food “. Use your hands to grab the ribs to eat. This is the most delicious.
    The shop is on Lang Suan Road, Lumpini. Anyone who brings a car can park the car at the Vela project and walk across the road a bit further to reach it easily.
  8. READ CAFE BKK Teapot Rice
    A coffee shop open 24 hours, next to Kasetsart University. I have to say that it’s not normal. The reason why it can be attached to this list because of the famous dishes Rice topped with teapot. If anyone has watched Midnight Diner, a Japanese series. Must have heard and seen this. It is a bowl of rice, whether it is eel or salmon, which is served with a teapot. Yes, the way to eat it is to put tea into the rice. Then add some wasabi Super delicious It’s so delicious that it’s on this list.
    The shop is on Ngamwongwan Road. Opposite Kasetsart University It might be a bit difficult for anyone who brings their own car because the police are very aggressive at the parking lot along the road. Or you can come to the BTS Skytrain, get off at Kasetsart University Station.
  9. Suki Bear Family
    Let’s move on to Chinese-style Hainan Suki. This restaurant is decorated in a vintage Chinese style. Beautiful from the decorated bowl to the food bowl. What you don’t want to miss are crispy pork and Tua Bak Teng, tender stewed pork. And end with shaved ice, which is arranged as large as sky-high. I have to secretly tell you that this restaurant doesn’t have a buffet, but let me tell you that the food is really delicious.
    This restaurant is located on Prachachuen Road, Soi Sermsuk Intersection 1. It’s most convenient if you bring your own car. because they have a parking lot ready Or coming by taxi is the most convenient.