Top halal restaurants in Bangkok

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Please pamper Muslims with 5 delicious halal restaurants in Bangkok. Let me tell you that the food is very good, both savory and sweet food! Mutton is also here, fish is also here. The atmosphere is good. You must come here. Or anyone who wants to try to change the atmosphere Look at the taste of the food Let’s try it together.

  1. Fat Lamb BKK
    Fat Lamb BKK, an elegant restaurant with a stylish look combined with a combination of Mediterranean and American food. Ready to serve a variety of exciting Halal Fine Dining foods to try as well. If you want to eat the best lamb in the world, you must come and eat at the restaurant. The meat is soft, sweet, juicy, full of flavor, don’t miss it.

Address : Rama 9 Soi 45, Suan Luang Subdistrict, Suan Luang District, Bangkok
Shop open: 12.00-22.00
Tel : 06-1418-4545
Website :

  1. Origami Japanese Restaurant
    Origami Japanese Restaurant sees the name as a Japanese restaurant like this. But it’s Halal Japanese. The shop will focus on a Japanese fusion style. Salmon Yum Thai menu is savory, fresh salmon cut into cubes mixed with the restaurant’s special spicy salad. that anyone who has tried it guarantees that they are impressed

Address : 2/1 Soi Seri 1, Ramkhamhaeng Road 24 Intersection 20 (Rama 9 Road Soi 41), Huamark Subdistrict, Bangkapi District, Bangkok
Shop open: 11.00-21.00
Tel : 09-7207-1007
Website :

  1. Al Saray
    Halal restaurant, luxurious decoration, furniture and decorations are all imported from Lebanon. whether you press the shutter Or take a selfie at any corner in the restaurant, it’s beautiful and eye-catching, as if eating in a foreign country. for that food Served with a selection of menus from the original Indian. various raw materials used in cooking It also meets the needs of health lovers. Whether it’s different types of meat high quality The seafood is fresh. Don’t miss out on “Pang Naan”, a well-known dish here that exudes aroma and is dipped in a secret spice sauce. It has arrived. You can’t order it. Address : 60/2 Soi Silom 2/1, Silom Road, Bang Rak District, Bangkok
    The shop is open for service: 09.00-22.00
    Tel : 0-2319-4388
    Website :
  2. Makan Cuisine
    Makan Cuisine Halal restaurant, chic, stylish, good atmosphere. There are many menus to choose from, both savory and sweet. The best thing is the steak menu because it’s not just ordinary pieces of meat. But it’s a meat specifically made for steaks. Large portions full plate The meat is soft and easy to eat. Topped with the shop’s special sauce. Raw materials meticulous in every step And the food does not add MSG at all. Vegetables are non-toxic, fresh, healthy people, don’t worry.

Address : 396/1 Pracha Uthit Road, Bang Mot Subdistrict, Thung Khru District, Bangkok
The shop is open for service: 08.30-20.00
Tel : 08-9922-2378
Website :

  1. Voodoo Cafe
    Voodoo Cafe, restaurant in the garden, good atmosphere, uniquely decorated. Simple dark tone control Gives a feeling of warmth that is still hidden with luxury and class.
    There are both restaurant zones and cafe zones here. will come to chill with desserts and drinks Or if you are full, there are delicious Halal food menus. The food menu is served in an Islamic fusion style. Both Thai and foreign Most importantly, it’s the most delicious Isan menu. to change the atmosphere Forget the traditional halal menu.

Address : 44/7 Soi Mitmaitri 6, Nong Chok District, Bangkok
The shop is open for service: 08.00-20.00
Tel : 0-2170-7900
Website :

MUNA SHABU & GRILL, the best value buffet restaurant in Ramkhamhaeng area (Located in Soi Miss Teen) Buffet here is available for both shabu and grilled dishes. Anyone who likes to eat any type can choose. The menu has 60 menus to choose from!! There are more than 18 types of meat to choose from, for example, Kho Khun pattern drumstick, Kho Khun sirloin, Wagyu pattern drumstick, Angus rib eye, Angus pie leaves, etc. The thin slices are very appetizing, but if anyone is not satisfied. There are also many other menus such as mussels, fresh squid, dolly fish, river prawns, cheese tofu, squid balls, cheese and ice cream. This is just a small part. At his shop, there are other menu items. Ready to serve again Most importantly, you can eat unlimitedly!!

Address 64 11 Rat Phatthana Road, Saphan Sung Subdistrict, Saphan Sung District, Bangkok 10240
Contact number 090-629-4493
Opening hours – closing Monday – Friday 15.00 – 22.00 Saturday – Sunday 12.00 – 22.00
Type of restaurant Suki Shabu (Suki Shabu) Buffet (Buffet) Grill BBQ (Grill BBQ)

7.Oxgrill Halal
Oxgrill Halal, a halal-style grill-shabu restaurant that is currently available in 2 branches: Pattanakarn 30 branch and Ramkhamhaeng 24 branch. Comes with a yakiniku grill And bringing a menu of premium grilled meat to choose from! such as A5 Wagyu beef, lamb ribs, Tajima Wagyu beef and Thai Wagyu beef, crying tigers, etc., or if anyone wants to add other menus The shop also has a menu of sashimi, sushi and seafood to choose from.
For the menu, the restaurant will have a set menu, buffet, and A La Carte. For the buffet, there will be a total of 6 prices to choose from. For those who are only grilled, I recommend Buffet Ox Grill at 499 baht, 699 baht, and 1,200 baht. Or if anyone wants to eat both Shabu + Grill, I recommend Buffet Shabu & Ox Grill 599 baht, 899 baht and 1,200 baht.

Address 292/1 Soi Phatthanakan 30, Suan Luang Subdistrict, Suan Luang District, Bangkok 10250
Contact number 065-603-6556 / 095-594-3307 / 02-046-5558
Opening hours – closing Monday – Friday 14.00 – 21.00 Saturday – Sunday 12.00 – 21.00
Restaurant type Grill BBQ (Grill BBQ)

  1. Ram 53 seafood buffet
    Ram 53 seafood buffet It’s a halal style buffet restaurant. Inside the shop, there are grilled beef, grilled seafood, dipping pot and grilled butter, along with a wide selection of food lines. Especially the fresh produce at the shop is very fresh. Including the marinated meat menu Marinated Chicken If you like to eat any kind of menu, you can arrange it. For a buffet at the restaurant, the price is 299 baht, free drink refills. You can eat unlimitedly, no time limit.

Address 113 Ramkhamhaeng Road, Phlabphla Subdistrict, Wang Thonglang District Bangkok 10312
Contact number 096-838-9900
Opening hours – closing every day 15.00 – 22.00
Restaurant type Grill BBQ (Grill BBQ)

  1. Nuea Tae by The Beef Master
    The shop itself is a small shop with not many seats. with a seat in the form of sitting in a bar facing the bartender Different from being a bartender to a chef As for those who come together as a group don’t want to sit separately The shop also has normal table seats as well. For the recommended menu of this restaurant is Curry Beef Sliced ​​Rice Rich flavored curry Goes with a tender slide plus hot steamed rice which many people may think I definitely got less rice. You will definitely get a little meat. Let me tell you that the meat is full, the rice is heavy, and the curry is rich like this. One dish will definitely be full for only 100 baht. Or feel that something is missing, you can add a fried egg for 10 baht. You can add other meat. You can get more at different prices. In addition to this menu The shop also has many other rice dishes such as minced beef basil rice. Fried Rice with Sliced ​​Beef with Young Chili Paste Stir-fried rice with salted beef, beef porridge, or if anyone doesn’t like Thai dishes. The restaurant also has a variety of pasta such as carbonara, spaghetti stir-fried with garlic and dried chili. Salted Fish Spaghetti Meatball Spaghetti The rice menu is priced from 75 – 110 baht and the pasta menu is priced from 90 – 130 baht. This price does not include add-ons.

The shop is at Samyan Mitrtown, B1 floor, near shabushi, open from 10.00 – 22.00.