Popular coffee shops in Bangkok

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  1. Sai Tsai Eatery
    Soi Somdet Chao Phraya 3
    The shop is open : 10.00 – 23.00
    Sai Eatery (Tsai Eatery Cafe & Restaurant), a riverside cafe with great atmosphere! It’s newly opened recently. Located in the Thonburi area which said that I really like the cafe line because the shop is under a giant banyan tree. shady atmosphere There is a place to chill by the river ever. Plus a lot of great photo angles! Food, snacks, and drinks are good for the heart. Can’t go no more (Read full review here ! : Sai Tsai Eatery, a waterfront cafe with good atmosphere under a big tree. You have to sit and chill!)

Soi Phahonyothin 2 -Shop open: 09.00 – 18.00 (Closed on Tuesdays)
Who is a green tea type, raise your hand! I can tell you that you shouldn’t miss it. MTCH, a green tea cafe in Ari area, can be called the perfect matcha lover. Because the shop is rich in many green tea menus. This is a real green tea that comes from Japan. Plus, you can choose whether it’s dark or light, mixed with milk or not. You can choose as you like. I’m sure it’s good for your heart.

    BTS Udom Suk Exit 1 Sukhumvit 101/2
    The shop is open : 10.00 – 18.00 hrs.
    Let’s continue to chill at DROP BY DOUGH, the famous donut shop in Udomsuk area, which is the first of 3 branches together. I can tell you that Cafe Hopper line is not to be missed! Because the shop is very chic. Decorate in warm tones Simple but elegant furniture No matter what angle the picture is taken, it’s beautiful. They sell donuts. And drinks taste good ! If you want to know how good it is, you have to hit each other!

4.Beaker and Bitter
Soi Sailom 1
The shop is open : 08.00 – 20.00
Chic cafe with laboratory theme. Must be this cafe. Beaker and Bitter, the hottest coffee shop in Ari area, with the location of the shop from the renovation of an old drug factory. to transform into a chic cafe Makes it feel like a small laboratory, any coffee mug is made out of a beaker. Focus on clean white tones. Let me tell you that the coffee is good. The photo corner is also cool. Let’s go!

  1. Fats and Angry
    Bang Rak -Open 11.00-20.00
    Arrived at the popular shop ! Fats and Angry, a cafe in Charoen Krung, Bang Rak area. I guarantee that you will definitely like 90s teenagers because the shop is very cute! Decorated in a retro American style. Plus it’s good for food and drinks. Control the tone with the shop Because they focus on burgers, french fries, and the must-try menu is the Milkshake, which is said to be very good for your heart. Plus a lot of cool photo angles!
  2. Mil Toast House
    Siam Square Soi 3 -Open 11.00-23.00
    Let’s come to the Siam area with Mil Toast House, a bakery cafe or a great bread shop! From South Korea, sure enough. This is the first branch in Thailand ever. It’s just in Siam Square Soi 3, that’s all, I can tell you that it’s very pumping! The shop is good, take beautiful photos, it feels like you are sitting in Korea, it’s perfect. The cafe line can’t miss it anymore. Prepare to find a costume to go shopping.
  3. Aunties Coffee
    J Avenue Soi Thonglor 13 -Open 9.30-18.00
    Can’t be cute! Aunties coffee and more. The cafe line would be eh! Why is it familiar, of course, because it’s a famous cafe from Chonburi. I can tell you that Korea is almost within your reach. Nice tone, minimal! mini size shop But the cuteness is so full. The location is good. It’s at J Avenue Thonglor, in the heart of the city. This event, the café line, cannot be missed. Must follow to check in.
  4. FICS
    Sukhumvit 31 -Open 7.30-17.30
    Movie lovers must love! FICS, a cafe, coffee shop that comes in a movie theme Located in Sukhumvit 31 area, anyone who likes to watch movies. He is a fan of famous movies. from legend up to the present No need to worry about the photo angle. Because no matter where you take a picture, it looks chic! The atmosphere reminds me of going back to a movie theater in the past, the posters, the decorations, and the names of the drink menus! It can be said that it is really a warm community of movie lovers. I guarantee that you can enjoy shopping.
    Soi Sukhumvit 46, Rama IV Road
    open : Tuesday – Friday 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM. / Saturday – Sunday 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM. (Closed on Monday.)
    Another cafe worth visiting this year is HUUS OF BREAD or Ban Bread. Korean style in Phra Khanong BTS area. Let me tell you that the atmosphere is good. The dessert menu and drinks are hit! You can also pose for beautiful photos from every angle.
  6. VOGUE Cafe
    Erawan Bangkok, 2nd Floor, Ploenchit Road
    Open 8.00-20.00
    Take a full ten! With the most beautiful photo café, VOGUE Café is located in the heart of the city on the 2nd floor of Erawan Bangkok Shopping Center, Ratchaprasong area. This is the first Vogue cafe in Thailand ever. Let me tell you that the coffee line can’t go at this time. The interior of the shop is decorated beautifully. in white tones that are pleasing to the eye And the walls are decorated with covers and pictures from magazines. They look outstanding and fit together perfectly. Which matches the concept of Vogue Café around the world sure enough. Do not wait, have to try to check in by yourself.
  7. NOC Coffee Co.
    Project POWWOWWOW Soi Sukjai
    Sukhumvit 40 -Open 8.00-18.00
    Minimal type must go! NOC Coffee Co., a cafe in Ekkamai that says Take a lot of pictures! Beautiful, clear, minimalist style. And for anyone who is a coffee lover must definitely like it. Because he is a famous Specialty Coffee from Hong Kong Island! which Thailand is the first branch outside of Hong Kong.
  8. Babyccino (Baby Chino – Ekkamai)
    Soi Ekkamai 12 -Open 8.00-18.00
    A café in the heart of Ekamai area, 12 stores with minimalist design “European Luxury Minimal Style” create an atmosphere of warmth. Pay attention to the decoration of the storefront. with full food menu Delicious homemade style drinks and snacks
  9. Lots.Sathon (Lots – Sathorn)
    Soi Narathiwat Ratchanakarin 7
    Open : Mon. – Thurs. 8.00 – 20.00, Sat. – Sun. 9.00 – 22.00 and 8.00 – 22.00
    Minimal Japanese style cafe in Sathorn area. It is a shop with a lot of parking. As the name suggests, it is a shop that many people go to repeatedly. because there is a variety The shop is decorated with simple, white containers, glass all around, warm and comfortable, not easily bored, chill, hack out, any type of food, drinks, coffee, hot and cold, and delicious pastries.
  10. Brioche from heaven (Brioche – Sathorn)
    Silom Road -Open 9.30-19.30
    The dessert shop is like bringing a French café to the Sathorn area. The shop is designed with brick walls and firewood to describe how it looks like a bakery. Passing on deliciousness from Chef Kai, Iron Chef, Thai sweet food. With a great menu with thick, fluffy, original brioche bread fresh from the oven and a variety of bakery items that make you hungry, such as Brioche From Heaven, Yusu Meringue Tart, Affogato From Heaven.
  11. CRAFT at Kimpton Maa-lai Bangkok
    (Lang Suan) Soi Tonson -Open 7.00-23.00
    Cafe for casual days Relax in the gardens of a five-star hotel at Kimpton Maa-lai Bangkok, which comes with a Pet-Friendly concept that allows hotel and café customers to bring their pets with peace of mind. The space is wide with a variety of seats, a bar, comfortable sofas. Sip coffee and look at the surrounding nature garden. The shop has a selection of menus to serve from food, snacks and beverages, coffee, Siphon or Drip. Snacks such as Avocado Toast are good.
  12. NANA Coffee Roasters Ari (Ari) Soi Aree 4
    Open 7.00-18.00
    Another cafe of NANA Coffee that can design a coffee shop to look strange, come to take photos, check-in with drinks and snacks that many people will be fascinated by this shop already. There are various types of coffee to choose from.
  13. Chanintr Work (Sukhumvit 26)
    Open 10.00-17.00
    Warehouse model cafe which transformed from Warehouse26 warehouse to be a chic furniture showroom from famous furniture brand like Chanintr by simulating the warehouse to be “Living Office” in working style, emphasizing on white tone, comfortable and modern. Let the light take a picture of any angle, it’s beautiful. Everything looks good. There is a Coffee Bar at Chanintr Work zone. There is also a drink service. I’m most surprised.
  14. AGRABAH CAFE (Bangchak – Phra Khanong)-Open 11.00-22.00
    Turkish-style cafe in Bang Chak, decorated with orange-red tones. and brightly colored furniture, unique, with chic corners, eye-catching photos It feels like you’re sipping coffee in Princess Jasmine’s body. and Prince Aladdin was not guilty.
  15. B Story Gargen (Leap Duan Ramintra)
    Open 10.00-23.00
    Cafe with classic decoration Create works of art, objects, appliances, furniture and also change the theme of the shop according to the festival all the time. It can bring people back very well. There are many photo corners that are 1 must-not-miss shop of the Cafe Hopper line for the B-Story Gargen shop. Ready to have Food menu, drinks and snacks to try.
  16. Season (Thonglor)
    Open 9.00-18.00
    Small European cafe in Thonglor area that creates a narrative around the European style The design of the building is outstanding in a classic style. Anyone who takes photos at coffee shops must try it. The shop has a variety of desserts to choose from. Salted Eggs Croissant, Earl Gray Lemon Cake, Double Berry Cake, English Tea Orange Cake.
  17. Unbirthday Cafe (Sukhumvit 31 – Phrom Phong) -Open 9.00-19.00
    The shop location is located on Sukhumvit 31, Phrom Phong area. Located in Mapengseng apartment on the 2nd floor. The shop has a cute design, bright, cozy tones, decorated with vintage tables and chairs and is also a Glasshouse. Good lighting. It’s easy to take photos, however. The menu of this restaurant is not light. There are different types of cakes to choose from, such as Carrot Cake, Yuzu Orange Tea, Pancake Tiramisu, and Lemon Sherbet.
  1. L’OLIVA (Sukhumvit 36)
    Open 9.00-17.30
    L’OLIVA Italian restaurant and cafe in Sukhumvit, Thonglor area, a place to hang out with friends and family or bring your loved ones to eat Italian food. Followed by a chic cafe, taking chic photos, definitely not going out. Because the shop has a unique identity. Many people will like this style of shop. Decorated with wood, bare cement, brick, warm tone furniture.
  2. Roots at the COMMONS (Thonglor)
    Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (Mon. – Fri.) , 8.00 – 19.00 (Sat. – Sun.)
    Guaranteed reputation as a manufacturer selling coffee beans and equipment related to coffee Come to open a shop at The Commons Thonglor project, which will focus on selling mostly beverages and specialty coffee. The recommended menus are Orange Tonic, Cold brew, Flat White, and there are new monthly menus to try. There are also delicious pastries to choose from.