Recommended parks in Bangkok

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1- Bueng Nong Bon Sports Center Park
(Nong Bon, Prawet District)
This park There is a spacious area of ​​approximately 644 rai, within which there is a cycling path. By having built a two-lane bicycle path. for professional riders and amateur cyclists But it’s not just the bike lane area. There are also exercise equipment here. And many other water activities. You can also bring pets at home for a walk as well. Or to spread a picnic mat, lie down, sit and read a book under the shade of a large tree. It’s all good to take cool selfies together. Bueng Nong Bon is one of Bangkok’s tourist attractions. And it is also a meeting place for everyone to do various activities.

2-Suan Luang Rama 9
(Suan Luang, Prawet District)
It is the largest park and botanical garden in Bangkok. It has an area of ​​about 500 rai, has a good atmosphere, shady, comes with many activities such as running, cycling, water. and also suitable for walking Explore nature, watch birds, watch trees, sit and relax.
It is also another public park. located in the suburbs of Bangkok which is not lost anywhere There is a spacious area with ponds, gardens to enjoy a wide variety of plants, flowers and ornamental plants, including rare plants. and herbs If you want to take beautiful photos Whether it’s in the morning or in the evening, it’s equally beautiful.

3-Wachirabenjathat Park
(Kamphaeng Phet 3 Road, Chatuchak)
Wachirabenchathat Park (Railway Park) has an area of ​​375 rai that many people probably know very well. It is a recreational park with many activities such as cycling, jogging, aerobics, and there is also a sports field. Which is suitable for all ages. Come for a walk, take pictures or have a picnic.
There are also a variety of animals to see. Because in this garden there are many large trees. Therefore, it is the habitat of large and small animals. There is also a butterfly park. There are approximately 20 species of butterflies, more than 500 in total, which is another public garden that should be visited.

4- Lumphini Park
(Rama IV Road, Lumpini )
On the area of ​​360 rai, there are many activities to choose from according to your preferences such as running, aerobics, Chinese boxing, fan dancing, renting a pedal boat, and feeding fish. Feed the birds, etc. This is a great place to take the family to relax, breathe in the air and exercise. Inside there is a large, shady tree that can bring mats to spread. Bring food to eat like a picnic. as well as being a gathering place for various associations and clubs.
Lumpini Park is unique because it is surrounded by large, old trees. scattered among nature group of flowering plants colorful leaves Whether it is a lush forest garden elegant palm garden or a bamboo garden that feels soft As a natural food source, the park has become home to more than 30 species of birds. and rich in large trees.

5-Seri Thai Garden
(Serithai Road, Khlong Kum)
Seri Thai Garden has an area of ​​208 rai, suitable for relaxation. The park contains a museum, a library, a playground and a multipurpose courtyard. Most of the users tend to be people who love exercise and children who like to ride bikes. with playing equipment at the playground Here is designed to have a path to see the surrounding gardens. There is a pond in the middle
The garden has a long area parallel to Seri Thai Road. When running, you don’t have to circle around like other places. Run to see nature to make it not boring. In the evening multipurpose yard, there will be aerobics dancing, beside each other there is a bodybuilding club. Beyond the back of the garden, there will be a group exercise for the elderly. Or if you want to increase your knowledge, you can read books in the library.

6- Queen Sirikit Park
(Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Chatuchak)
Queen Sirikit Park has an area of ​​196 rai. The garden is divided into many decorative zones. There is a shady, beautiful place, good atmosphere, surrounded by a botanical garden that gathers various species. of many types of plants
This place hardly finds bikes. or motorcycle or many tourists but will find peace You can walk and admire the beauty in silence. Experience the most natural because while walking Might see a little animal come out to say hello. especially the squirrel who live in this garden.

7-Benjakitti Park
(Ratchadaphisek Road, Khlong Toei)
Another public park in the heart of Bangkok, with an area of ​​191 rai, the garden area is oval. There is a running path around the pond with a total distance of approximately 2 kilometers, including a bicycle lane with clearly separated concrete platforms. So there is no need to worry about the danger for people who go for running and walking. Among the natural areas that have periodic winds blow Looking out to see the tall buildings surrounding it. but there are green trees Let’s have fun This is therefore considered a place to exercise in peace in the heart of the city that health lovers can’t miss.

8- Chatuchak Park
(Kamphaeng Phet 1 Road, Chatuchak)
This Chatuchak Park has an area of ​​155 rai. It is like a garden of paradise for the people. Health lovers in the northern corner of the city can walk – run through the shade of trees along the walkways. There are areas to visit and see the nature, including a garden in literature, a herb garden, as well as a pond where you can enjoy watching a variety of fish. at the bridge or to relieve stress by boating You can even kick in a pond in the middle of the garden.

9- Waree Phirom Park (Khlong Sam Wa)
Waree Phirom Park It is a public park that uses the Royal Initiative Project area. Monkey Cheek And Bueng Sakae Ngam has been used for use with a size of 121 rai, which is on the east side of Bangkok. suitable for rest and exercise in various forms Both land and water sports, along with a bike path for more than 4.2 kilometers, which encourages people to use bicycles instead of cars. to reduce air pollution problems Along the way there are trees and flowers lined up beautifully.

10- Nawamin Phirom Park
(Sri Burapha Road, Khlong Kum )
Nawamin Phirom Park It is a small garden with a size of 76 rai with trees around the field. and have physical activities with many sports fields Can be used for both children and adults while enjoying the scenery along the marsh. There is also a cement yard to use as a field for aerobics. and playground area
which in addition to being a place to exercise and relax There is also a nursery for seedlings. to be used to adjust the landscape which is as beautiful as other places Most importantly, you can take your dog for a walk in the park as well.